Monday, 19 September 2011

Model Cocketiel

Well, I still haven't got done what I had planned on the fist as I didn't stop listening to Rick James, in fact I still am right now. I can't resist the FUNK!

In the intervening time (well, last night) I made this little model of my friends Cocketiel for her.

It is some Jovi air-dry clay around a basic frame of thick zinc coated wire (make sure it is coated or the moisture in the clay will rust the wire and you get brown stains on your work-I found this out the hard way as I shall explain in a later post) and painted, then on the head and tail I have glued a craft feather and cut&stained Magpie feathers, to who I am thankful. The stand is 3mm MDF to which I hot glued the armature wire then I sandwiched the glue and wire by adding the base plate. After this was secure I glued on some thin paper rolls (hardened with wood glue) to the leg wire and to the base for the feet.

Yay! I finished.

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