Friday, 23 September 2011

Half Life 2 Battery

Just doing a little more work on myHL2 battery, currently cutting some grooves into the MDF side plate with my brand new dremel-clone, think I will have to start wearing a mask as my lungs are feeling the burn. After that I have to repair the top of it because it got cracked, so that all need re-fibreglassing (resin only). Then I am busting out the wood glue + sawdust mix to fill in some saw marks.

Half Life 2 battery without side plates.

With plates.
All the pieces so far.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Model Cocketiel

Well, I still haven't got done what I had planned on the fist as I didn't stop listening to Rick James, in fact I still am right now. I can't resist the FUNK!

In the intervening time (well, last night) I made this little model of my friends Cocketiel for her.

It is some Jovi air-dry clay around a basic frame of thick zinc coated wire (make sure it is coated or the moisture in the clay will rust the wire and you get brown stains on your work-I found this out the hard way as I shall explain in a later post) and painted, then on the head and tail I have glued a craft feather and cut&stained Magpie feathers, to who I am thankful. The stand is 3mm MDF to which I hot glued the armature wire then I sandwiched the glue and wire by adding the base plate. After this was secure I glued on some thin paper rolls (hardened with wood glue) to the leg wire and to the base for the feet.

Yay! I finished.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Fist of Steel ....(in wood)

I started this a little over a year ago to test my new rasp and file set but after shaping the forearm I was yet again distracted by another wild project.

So on Saturday I whipped the old boy out and got stuck into carving out the fist itself.
I still need to chisel deeper into the hand to define the ring and little fingers, also all of the fingers need taking back about another 5mm to make way for the thumb (hopefully this will also get me past the block's rotting exterior- I found it in some grass(no, not that kind of grass, we incinerated that and woke up 3 days later in Luxembourg)).

Ohh, I should add that I going for a stylised Soviet era statue type of quite angular form.

 Just a tad more muscular than mine.

So that is what I shall be off to do now if I can tear myself away from listening to Rick James.