Sunday, 13 May 2012

Miniature Roadside

This was made for my friend's futuristic design project around his clay megacities rickshaw.

First I found some 1/4" MDF and cut a rectangle for the base and a triangle for the pavement.
To add the effect of kerb stones I scored the triangular piece along the top and at regular intervals on the edge. Then I glued to two pieces together.

As the base was going to get coated I randomly drilled holes into to so that the road surface mix would have something to grip to.

The road surface and soil were made from a mixture of;
Paint (black/brown)
Plaster of Paris
Acrylic Sealant
Wood glue

In a thick paste texture.

After this was applied modelling grass was pushed into the soil surface.

The tree was formed out of strands of 1mm aluminium wire which were bent in half and twisted together.
In hindsight I should have made the strands longer to get a fuller canopy. 

To start of all the strands are twisted together, then 4 or 5 strands are bent out and twisted to form a branch,  then 2 or 3 strands are bent off into twigs.

Once I had finished twisting the tree was coated in the same mixture as the ground and it was sprinkled with  modelling tree foliage. This was all slapped on as we had 5 minutes to get out of the room before it was locked.